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Grow · Pick · Distribute

Listed below are organizations that grow food in public spaces (food forests, public orchards), pick food (urban foraging, farm gleaning), or distribute food (exchanges, donations). Organizations are listed by country, state (if applicable), and city. Those with crossed-out names are believed to be inactive. If you know of others that should be on this list, contact us!

  • Incredible Edible Canada

  • Communes à croquer
  • Les Incroyables Comestibles

  • Falling Fruit Ireland

  • Nevera Solidaria

  • Abundance Network
  • Book-Cycle (Tree-Cycle)
  • Feeding the 5000 (Gleaning Network UK)
  • Incredible Edible Network UK

  • Community Plates
  • Crop Mob
  • Fresh Food Connect
  • Giving Grove
  • Incredible Edible USA
  • Little Free Pantry
  • Meals on the Wheels
  • Rescuing Leftover Cuisine
  • Robin Greenfield (Community Fruit Trees)
  • Society of Saint Andrew

  • Food banks

    Foragers and private tree owners are encouraged to donate their surplus produce to charity. Consider partnering with groups like those listed above, or donating directly to organizations feeding the hungry in your community. The major food bank networks are listed below; homeless shelters, schools, and senior centers are also worth considering.

  • Ample Harvest - American food banks that accept produce donations
  • Food Banks Canada - Food banks in Canada
  • Global FoodBanking Network - Food banks networks throughout the world